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For many of us, dry mouth treatment remains a constant concern. Spending so much time searching for lozenges for sore throat and dry mouth isn’t helping either, because you’ve yet to find a product that cures what ails you. Enter Fontus Sciences and their tried-and-true throat lozenges! Throat lozenges from Fontus provide moisturizing relief from dryness with a unique patent-pending formula that stimulates saliva production to assist with dry mouth treatment as well as the recovery of hoarse or strained vocal cords. Lozenges for sore throat conditions that are made by Fontus offer a unique blend of tart green apple extract, aloe vera and glycerin to assist in saliva production while lubricating and cutting through mucus for relief of dry mouth and throat. The dedicated team at Fontus Sciences opted to add Manuka honey to promote healing because it contains both anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to promote healing. The blend of these ingredients for dry mouth treatment was one that came about due to plenty of research and first-hand experience, as you’ll see below. If you’re ready for throat lozenges that won’t disappoint, look no further than Fontus Sciences.


“As a Broadway performer, I was frustrated that there was nothing that really worked to counteract dry mouth and dry throat before, during and after performances. After years of suffering and seeking dry mouth treatment, I helped create the throat lozenges I always needed -- but couldn’t find. Whether you are a performer, teacher, public speaker or frequent flyer, millions of us suffer from dry mouth. I hope this ‘little green lozenge’ from Fontus gives you as much relief as it has me.”

-Kaitlin Hopkins


Creator, Fontus Science dry mouth lozenges

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