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Where to Find Fontus

Where Can I Find Fontus Green Apple Throat Lozenges? 


Fontus Green Apple Throat Lozenges are available online at the following locations:


Independent Pharmacies in the New York Area Include: 

Apthorp (2201 Broadway)

Joseph Pharmacy (216 W 72nd Street)

Zitomers (969 Madison Avenue)

Esco Pharmacy (687 9th Avenue)

Windsor Pharmacy (1419 6th Avenue)

Arrow Pharmacy (883 9th Avenue)

Park West Pharmacy (463 Columbus Avenue)

Jaro’s (25 Central Park West)

West Side Pharmacy (255 Columbus Avenue)

Elm Health (56 7th Avenue)

Halperns (331 E 23rd), Pasteur (53 E 34th)

Bio Care (222 8th Avenue)


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